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Cannabis in the Workplace

1) 29% use cannabis within 12 hours of work.

2) 4% use cannabis within 6 hours of work.

3) 43% of employees who have authorization for medicinal use, have not disclosed this to their employer. 

THC improves the medical outcome and is therefore included in most medically authorized cannabis prescriptions. 

1) 51% do not know THC levels of their cannabis. 

2) 3% THC average in the 70’s and 80’s.

3) Currently, cannabis averages 16% THC.

As an employer, what can be done? 

Employers must be more mature with respect to cannabis in the workplace:

1) Implement a cannabis policy that has clearly defined expectations and is well communicated.

2) Establish effective procedures to implement accommodations for problematic substance use.

3) Create practices to accommodate and support medical cannabis use.

4) Must remove stigma from cannabis to help promote employees being transparent.

5) Avoid zero-tolerance policies. These policies do not allow for accommodation which is needed as addiction is considered a disability under human rights. Employers have duty to accommodate.

6) If an employer thinks they may drug-test at some point, they must set this up ahead of time.

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